2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   May 11, 2012 at 5:31am

One Disc Night . . . Love it or Hate it?

Well one disc night is complete . . . only the second time in the history of Valley View leagues has this game been played this way. Some of you have to love one disc night and other have to hate it.

Take this advice . . . if you shot really well this week, was it your technique or was it that you didn't have to think about what disc to throw . . . you only had to think about how to throw that one disc? If you played really poorly, why is that? Was it because you couldn't putt with your driver, or because you couldn't drive withy our putter?

I for one threw a fairly nuetral mid-range Star Spider for 2 reasons . . . I can throw it either way (left to right or right to left) and I also feel fairly comfortable putting with it. I have carried it for years as my putter in the 2 disc nights I have played and it has not let me down as a viable option. Last night it let me down on the turnover shots . . . it wouldn't keep the anhyzer and would cut out short and left of the basket, but I was able to make some good putts with it to shoot 48 (-6) . . . which was 3 shots better than the last time we did 1 disc night at VV leagues, so I cannot be too upset.

Take a minute to analyze your game, your disc selection, and why you played really well or really poorly. Was it good driving so you didn't even have to worry about putting much, or was it excellent putting with mediocre driving?

I for one was astonished by the ability of Dustin Skorupinski this week, he chose a Nuke as his 1 disc and he flicked it, threw it backhand, and he made a lot of 15-25' putts with it to tie his second best round in leagues 45 (-9). He putted with confidence . . . . and a little anhyzer to keep that baby in the chains, but I cannot think of many misses left or right, only low. I SIMPLY PUT . . . COULD NOT PUTT WITH MY DRIVER . . . EVER! Dustin apparently knows how! Seek him out for advice if you want to learn how to putt with a Nuke.

Ok enough with the stories . .. onto the recaps.

In the Open Division we saw a few of the guys who come every so often play well. Todd Farnham (-14) and Kyle Dolezar (-13) took the top two spots with outstanding rounds for 1 disc night. Jonny V was in third with (-12) and there was a 3 way tie for last cash at (-11) between Terry Miller, Jose Rivera, and Casey Connors. Dave Olson who is sitting in 3rd place faltered with his worst round in leagues, but maintains a slight edge over TJ Weber.

In Semi-Pro we saw the leader Brian Moser extend his lead as Mike Ellery didn't show for 1 disc extravaganza and Gordon Frater passed up Ellery for 2nd place. David Scalf also jumped into the top 3 because of Mike not showing. Brian shot a (-10) and complained about how he would be so mad about shooting his best round with 1 disc . . . Well it happened, now what can you learn from this week? Maybe you should always throw 1 disc? I doubt he is mad with another weekly win, the $20 funny money, or extending his lead in the division. He might be mad when he gets bumped to Open for the summer division, but his scores are leading him in that direction. Dustin Skoupinski shot (-9) along with Kyle Sparrow and Scott Smogeleski (both personals best league rounds ever). Gordon Frater and Matt Chellman tied for the last cash spot.

In the Advanced divison we saw some jostling in the standings. Jeromy Morgan shot his best round at VV leagues (-11) to win the week and vault into the overall lead, while Ned England faltered slightly moving down to 3rd place overall, allowing Jeromy and Gary Obernberger to move ahead of him.Jim Marek showed more consistent play (and another personal best round of -7) to take second this week, while newcomers John Gunderson, and Adam Sather both shot (-5) to tie for 3rd adn Cody England and Andy Kintop both shot (-4) to tie for the last cash spot.

In the Women's Division we saw some hot shooting by one hot lady. . . . Loriena Harrington . . . (yeah I can say that because it's my wife) who shot the best score overall this week with a (+3) . . . which is funny because when I saw her after the round she thought she had a +6 . . . she forgot to subtract her birdies and she originally thought she had 4 bogies instead of just 3. In second we saw Nikki Feilen steal a point from Brianna. It might be too little too late for Nikki who has only been here three weeks, but you never know with double points night if she is able to pull off a victory. What I want to know is how our one disc Woman Tiffanie didn't show on her night (1 disc night)? I saw her play 2 maybe 3 rounds during the day while I was out there working on mulch, cutting trees, and doing basket maintenance, but she didn't stick around for league. WHile she didn't lose her top spot in the divison, Brianna made it a little tighter and Loriena is creeping up on 3rd place with Lori Locke. Come on ladies, I would love to keep seeing 4-5-6 of you out there every week!

We saw two aces on the week with Jose Rivera (shooting his best ever round by far (-11) with an ace on #17 and Todd Farnham (who is known or his ace runs) hit #16 with his R-Pro Dart :). They split $45. Never do I remember so many aces at Valley View . . . In fact I remember the ace pool climbing near $100 a couple of times last year, one of which I hit. I had every intention of running at aces each week knowing I wasn't able to cash in Open very regularly, but it is hardly worth it with an ace being hit every week.

2 more weeks of spring league, regular old "throw however many discs you want night" next week and then double points night to end the league followed by a party at BW3 where we will announce our seasonal winners and give away the basket and other prizes from the mulligan purchases!