2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   May 3, 2012 at 8:48pm

Scores have been posted

wWe are seeing a lot of great shooting right now . . . so much so some people will be bumped up a division. Please don't look at it as a way of taking away your chance to win, consider it a compliment that you are simply too good for a given division.

In Open we saw Jonny V shoot the hot round (-16) with Terry following behind at (-14). Joe Rawling who will be leaving our area within the next week came and Drew Retherford ended in a tie for third with (-13) and Dane Miller had his best round at VV leagues (-12) to take the last cash. Jonny V jumps ahead of Dave Olson, and TJ Weber leapfrogged Scott Slauson who stopped coming to league. Drew Griswold, Brad Weber, and I are battling for Mr. Insignificant . . . to take something from the NFL draft.

In Semi-Pro we saw newcomer Max McCollow shoot an Open caliber score (-11) to take the win. I am waiting to hear back if he thinks he should be in Open or if this was an out of character score for him. He is a good guy so I know he will do the right thing. Following closely behind at (-9) was Brian Moser and the "Wiley" Veteran Mike Ellery. Then we saw Dustin Skorupinski and Scott Smogeleski tie for last cash with (-8). Brian Moser still maintains a decent lead in the division (and he doesn't pay for the mulligans), but there are three people batling for 2nd place between Mike Ellery, Dave Scalf, and Gordon Frater with Dustin Skorupinski lagging a few points behind. It is going to be an interesting end to the season!

In Advanced we saw another Open caliber score (-11) by Brian Greibl who is averaging (-6 or so) is one of the primare people to be bumped up. (-11) is a great score and not something that you would expect to see from what we intend to be the Advanced Division. It is more of the Semi-Pro division type of score shown partially by the fact that he won the week in the division by 4 strokes. When setting up divisions we need closer competition than that to keep everyone interested. We also saw Lee Ireland and Eric Jaske shoot (-7). Then we had a 4 way tie for two last cashs pots and Matt Walczyk, Jim Marek, Scott Hintz, and Ned England (I TOLD YOU SO LAST WEEK) with (-6). Ned vaults into the lead with the previous leader Jeremy Morgan not showing up this week and the battle for the divisional win is only 2 points seperating the top 3 players.

In The Women's division we again had 5 women show up to do battle and we saw Lori Locke (Even) win the week with Tiffanie Meissner come in 2 shots behind and taking 2nd place and the divisional standings there also got really tight between Tiffanie, Brianna, and Lori.

Congratulations to the winners of the most dueces, most threes, and most fours. Jonny V won the most dueces with 16, Mike S. won the most pars with 16 and Kaitlinn Peterson won the most bogies with 10.

Matt Walczyk also hit an ace on #5 to take the $48 ace pool down.

Next week is 1 disc night.