Tame The Jungle @ Monday Night Doubles   May 2, 2012 at 2:47pm

FREE ace pool keeps growing!

There's not an amount listed because there isn't cash in the ace pool. It's all made up from donations of merchandise. Plus everybody who plays is automatically in the pool! The stash has grown to include 4 discs (champ Teebird, J-bird Z-Nuke, 2007 CCR Open Buzzz, 2010 "Speak No Evil" Buzzz), an "Insane for the Chains" bumper sticker, free Coney Dog from Mr. Hot Dog, 2 minis (a glow, and one from NE Ind Matt "Homie" Lovasky memorial), and a beer beach bum package (growler from Midland Brewing Company, 3 lb. cozy and beach ball for working off the beer beach bum belly). Plus there is some cash: a collectible dollar coin!