Sunday Morning Dubs at McCurry   April 28, 2012 at 8:45pm

April 22nd Dubs

On a rather windy day, the duo of Kevin McCoy and Ralph Young had a clean sweep of the action taking home a total of $240 between them. Ralph drained the ace fund of $189 on Hole 13 and Kevin took both CTPs on Holes 6 and 16. Action for the next few weeks will be singles (same time/day/place) as we try and get enough numbers to run handicaps. We'll also be playing the par 62 GSSS layout on May 6th in anticipation for GSSS #3 at McCurry on May 12th.

1) Ralph Young and Kevin McCoy - 48
2) Anthony Mosel and Andrew Jenkins - 49
3) Don Brown and Jason Hartley - 54 (won three way playoff)

Ace fund is at $0 :)