2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   April 26, 2012 at 9:31am

The worst spring weather we have had . . . and it wasn't that bad!

We have been lucky this spring with decent weather, I think this is the first rain we have had this season during league and am thankful for that. We still hit 52 people this week despite a couple regulars not showing and the worst weather so that isn't too bad, but I expect a return to normal or an improvement and hitting 60 plus people again each week. YOU CAN DO IT!

In the Open division we saw Brad Weber shoot his best round of the season (-13) to win this week. We also saw Dave Olson, TJ Weber, and Greg Schwartz shoot just one worse (-12) than Brad, but multiple strokes better than two of our longtime Open division competitors to move up in the standings. Taking last cash with his first visit to VV this season was Todd Farnham with a (-11) who also recorded what looks to be the only ace this week which should be a nice $46 cash in his pocket or $69 in funny money. We all sure hope we haven't seen the last of Scott Slauson (who recently declared he may be playing more at Sussex Leagues than VV) . . . even if it means more cash available to the next level of open player. . . he has been a mainstay at VV since I started playing the game and we will all miss him if he decides that other leagues should take precedence over the fun that can be had at VV each week. I have to say that partially because he helped me cash in my first ever Open division tournament . . . the Pro Howler last season, but he is a good friend and always a welcome addition to my card and any league I play in! Enough about the pros . . . its not about us anyways!

In Semi-Pro we saw the leaders falter allowing many points to be taken away by the gentlemen just below them in the standings. While Brian Moser maintains his lead (proving he is ready for OPEN next season) and Gordon Frater teetering on that same level between Semi-Pro and Open, We saw the 3rd and 4th place players take some points away. David Scalf and Mike Ellery both shot (-7) to lessen the gap that Gordon and Brian had set. Kevin Boucher and Jason Froemming also shot (-7) but have more ground to make up. However, we also had two hot rounds by Dan Kohler (-8) and Dustin Skorupinski (-12) to take the top 2 positions this week. I also got an email from Dustin tonight about adding him to the Disc Golf Scene Notification list . . . apparently he is now hooked and looking to continue to move up in the standings otherwise he wouldnt care to receive the notifications. Dustin ended in 5th place overall but is only a few points behind the wiley veteran Mike Ellery, but Dustin has already missed one week, meaning he is playing well when he is here. Look out Mike!

In the Advanced division we saw the top point earner Ned England (and I am sure to hear about this comment next week at league) falter by shooting his worst round all season. I am sure my comments from last weeks League News got to him slightly, even though they were not meant negatively. Remember folks this game is both physical and mental . . . and sometimes you need to push through even though the setting might not be ideal or your game is not at its best. You can learn from every week and every round you play . .. the quicker you learn from each round, the quicker you will continue to improve. SORRY Ned you became my example for this week, but I hope you and others take what I say to heart, I have learned a lot about the game in 3 short years and it isn't always fun to hear or see, but it sure is fun when you take steps forward! Here is to a return of Ned England returning to the top of his division next week when he ties his best round all season (-7)! OK OK Enough about Ned . . .We also saw Jeremy Morgan launch into the overall lead with yet another hot round of (-8). It wasn't his best round at VV but was the best on the week and that is all that matters in terms of points. Lucas Nuss came in tying his best VV league round of (-7) to take some points away from the rest of the top of the division. We also saw a 5 way tie from some more regulars and some newer players. Gary OOOOOOOO, Lee ireland, Jim Marek, Brian Greibl, and newcomer Andy Guyette came in with (-4) rounds to take the last cash spot.

In the Women's division we saw the race for points get tighter because Tiffanie (the leader) was not here and second place holder Brianna Welch took second this week moving her just 1 point behind Tiffanie overall. Lori Locke wins this week and remains in 3rd overall but she is only 2.5 points behind and she has already missed 3 weeks. Loriena Harrington and Nikki Feilen are still in the hunt, but 6 points behind Lori Locke.

See you all next week I hope!!!!!