2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   April 21, 2012 at 10:23am

Sorry for the delay in the weekly recap . . . its been a busy Spring!

We did see another ace this week . . . and by someone who already hit the Ace Pool in league . . . it's about time he come over to BW3 and spread the wealth as is customary! Anyways congratulations to Brian Moser for again hitting an ace . . .this time he did it on #18 which is a little more legitimate than his prior ace on #4. Brian told me this was only his 5th ace overall and it happens to be his second in 5 weeks of league at Valley View. I'm probably up around 350 rounds over 3+ years at VV with only 6 aces. Two of mine were in league and worth about $150 in funny money . . . so you know I got my money's worth out of the weekly $1 Ace Pool. You just never know wheny ou are going to hit one, so why would you ever not get in on a course where you could hit just about any hole any given week.

Anyways enough about the Ace and on to the key feature of Week #5 . . . DOUBLE POINTS.

In the Open Division we saw some of the usual suspects and some of the not so usual suspects play well. We had Dave Olson, Drew Griswold, and Mark Klug pick up a few dollars for their 3 way tie for last cash with rounds of (-12). Then we saw longtime Valley View competitor Kyle Dolezar come in 1 stroke better (-13) to take 3rd all alone. Then we also had perennial player Scott Slauson beat KD by 1 stroke with a (-14), only to be surpassed by the Open Division leader and league director Terry miller who shot one of only a handful of (-17)'s that I have ever heard of. Fortunately he only missed #14 . . . which is one of the two hardest holes on the course in my opinion. Terry extended his lead to 19 points currently . . . while Scott who sits in second already missed one week . . . allowing Dave Olson to be really close to the action for the top of the VV Open Division.

In Semi Pro we saw the top two players in the division falter slightly (well not in score but in comparison to a few of the newer players). We saw Jason Froemming come in with an Open caliber (-10) as well as kid wonder Zach Walczak . . . who might want to both show up next week to play off for the extra half point. DS Squared (Dustin Skorupinski and David Scalf) both came in with (-9) this week to end in a tie for third this week.Yet again a 3 way tie for last cash between Brian Moser, Randy Reicher, and Kyle Sparrow who all shot (-8). The leader remains Brian Mower and a bunch of points behind him is Gordon Frater followed by one half od DS Squared Dave Scalf in third place.After third there is a heated battle to try and move up. I suggest all of you continue to come each week and try your best to move into the top 3 of the division as you all have proven capable of doing.

In Advanced we saw Ned E. Jeremy M. and Gary O. all add to their divisional lead with Holly Finley trying to rain on the parade (but in overall standings Holly will struggle to break the top 3 unless she decides to come each week. Right now she sits in 10th place after playing only 2 of the 5 weeks. Look out BOYS . . . there is a woman coming for your points. Ned actually passes Jeremy in the standings because of allt he ties happening, but Jeremy M. could easily shoot the hot round next week and get those points right back.

In the Women's division we saw 6 women this week . . . as far as I know . . . the most women in the division as I can remember (add in Holly Finley and that is 7 in attendace this week). I am excited by what I see . . . we could use more women in our sport and it is nice to see a trend at the casual and fun VV leagues. Tiffanie again took the top spot and ended up with $12 and 12 points for her efforts while Nikki F. and Lori Locke ended up doing better than the other divisional competitors this week (Loriena H. and Brianna W.). I love to see the competition with all of you ladies . . . and it is so close every week which makes it even better. Bring some of your other lady friends and maybe they will get hooked just like all of you did.

On another note . . . Our lone Advanced Division Female Holly FInley won twice this past week . . . first she won the Intermediate Women Division at the supertour event the Glass Blown Open by Dynamic Discs. Then she went on to win the Take Your Disc to Work photo contest. SO if you need some specific disc be sure to ask Holly if maybe she would donate it to you? If any of you do not know Holly is an international fashion model . . . and her photo entry was her in a $10,000 Oscar (De La Renta not the Oscars) gown shown practice putting before a runway show. She was the judge favorite and got a $500 Discraft shopping spree for her photo entry.

See you next week for a boring old single point . . . any number of disc night . . . league round. The weather will hopefully remain favorable!