2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   April 13, 2012 at 3:18am

2 disc night is done, double points to come . . . thats good!

So 2 disc night has come and gone. Some people improved their scores, some people fell back to their average, while other plummted in their scores. Everyone is different and some people benefit from only have 2 discs, others struggle.

In the Open division we saw David Post post (not a typo) an incredibly hot round of -16. He seemed to be walking around as if he didn't expect that to be the top score. I personally have only heard of a few -16's each season and only a couple -17's or -18's in over 3 years of playing this league, so when I heard that is what he shot I was sure that was the top score. Then we had newcomer Kyle Koconis come in and shoot a -14 and he almost played Semi-Pro. The two front runners Terry M. and Jonny V. took big hits to their point total leads by both shooting -9's and David P. vaulted into 3rd with that hot round. We also saw a 4 way tie again for the last cash spot in open . . . contributed by the fact we continue to get 16 or more people every week!!! I think double points night might be the night we see who the future of the Open Division will be.

In Semi-Pro we saw Gordon Frater shoot a hot -11 (Open caliber score for sure) in what I believe was his first 2 disc night at Valley View. Greg Klein made a return to the VV leagues after quite some time away (welcome back Greg . . . we all missed you). Hopefully Estabrook doesn't keep you away for that long again. Greg shot a -10 and Brian Moser shot -9 and there was another 3 way tie for the last cash spot in Semi Pro too.

In Advanced we saw Jeremy Morgan shoot his best round at Valley View (-9) to take the win, followed closely by Adam Kindred with a -8 and two -7's Lucas Nuss and Lee Ireland and a -6 by Jim Marek to take the final cash spot.

The Women's division saw 5 women this week which is outstanding to see and this was by far the closest I have ever seen 5 women shoot in scores before. We saw Tiffanie Meissner shoot a -1, Loriena Harrington shoot he personal best of E, and newcomer Kaitlin Peterson with a +2. 1 stroke back was the godmother if Wednesday Weeklies Bree Welch who I am sure will be bringing all of her skills next week to double points night, so all you ladies better look out, competition is getting fierce int he battle for the Women's Division.

Another great attendance week, keep it coming, bring your friends, hopefully now the crowd will thin out with more courses being open, but I hope that doesn't pull anyone away from leagues . . . keep in mind you can play casual rounds at all those other courses on other days, so don't stop coming to Wednesday Weeklies. I want to see us raise our numbers into the 60's each week. We no longer have to deal with the lack of light so don't be afraid to bring some friends. We will finish on time . . . and perhaps even throw in a couple sidegames from time to time after the round is over (now that we have the light to do it).

I almost forgot . . . 2 aces this week too. Congratulations to TJ Weber for his ace on #18 and Dan Kohler who aced #10 . . . in the long position. I have never heard of that basket being aced so congratulations on that. Either you threw an incredible shot . . . or you hit a tree and kicked in, I'd like to hear the story because I picked that pin position out because of its difficulty. I felt like VV needed a tougher green, sure some luck is involved possibly on that hole, but I think there are plenty of ways to try and get it close there. Dan you can also thank the lock on the basket . . . because I was unable to move the basket because the lock was stuck.