Tuesday Night PDGA Sanctioned League (Early Spring 2012 Inaugural 10 week League)   March 6, 2012 at 7:12am

PDGA sanctioned weekly league at Oregon Park!

10 week league – Tuesday nights - Beginning on March 20, 2012 running through May 22, 2012.
5:30 pm sign in begins - 5:50 pm sign in ends, round scheduled to begin promptly @ 6:00 pm.

Buy In…
$5 minimum (for current Cobb Disc Golf Club members)
$6 minimum (for non Cobb Disc Golf Club members)

Some minor details are being finalized but it looks like this is the final format…

$.50 goes to the PDGA (per sanctioning agreement)
$.50 goes to a points leader playoff during the 10th week.
$1 for CDGC members goes to course improvement.
$2 for non CDGC members goes to course improvement and program costs.
$3 goes to nightly payout.

There’ll also an optional $5 buy in for four $1 CTP’s and a $1 ace fund!!!

We'll also have optional league divisions…

Option 1 - Scratch scoring league. Scratch player division winners will be paid out of the scratch pot. Points will be awarded on strait scratch scoring.

Option 2 - Handicap scoring league. Handicap division winners will be paid out of the handicap pot after strokes are awarded. Points will be awarded on the handicap score. The handicap for each player will be calculated by using 75% of the player’s average deviation from the SSA for the course played, in this case gold to gold. Let’s say the SSA is 52 for the sake of argument. If a player were to average 4 strokes over 52 for example, using 75% of that deviation, that player would have a handicap of 3.

Of course those playing in the handicap or scratch scoring league will have their actual scores reported to the PDGA for ratings/official scores.

This will be done for both scratch and handicap divisions. Players will receive 1 point for each person they beat or tie in their division. The top 3 points winners in each division will play off during their round on the 10th week. 75% of the pot will go to 1st place and 25% will go the 2nd place. You will be allowed to move back and forth between divisions during the 10 week league but points won't be transferable from one league to the other. (obviously cash payout will not effect a PDGA member’s amateur status as it is side action that’s not part of the PDGA sanctioning.

While not necessary to play in the league, now is a good time to join the PDGA. They are offering a 30% discount for new PDGA memberships. This offer expires on March 31st so act quickly! The discount code to enter at checkout is “LEAGUENEW30”. Remember, you won’t get a round rating nor have your scores reported to the PDGA unless you’re a PDGA member.

More Info coming later…

For more info contact/PM the tournament directors:
TD: Wayne Kiddle
Asst: Bob Williams
Asst: Craig Dickerson - 404-867-4254