2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   April 6, 2012 at 5:01am

Prioritization of tasks

I have been busting my butt for the last 2 weeks trying to stay afloat with work (the lawn and landscape season is about 4 weeks ahead of schedule) but I still had time and energy to get the scores posted the night of league after BW3. . . but I literally was falling asleep at my computer so i didnt want to mis-publish payouts and have someone come up and say I saw it . . . the league page said I won $312 for 4th place in Advanced, so I saved that for tonight rather than put Terry in an "Awkward" position next week.

Scores are up, money has been tallied and payouts are posted . . . now for the weekly recap.

Congratulations to Brian Moser . . .he was able to collect $53 unofficially for his incredibly diffcult shot on #4 (ahem . . . . the shortest hole on the course). I personally have a fondness (I have two aces here myself) for this hole and I have heard Terry was supposedly perfect on this hole in 2011 with a birdie every time he played it. Oh wait I was supposed to talk about Brian's ace . . . well I didn't get any details but I suppose we will still payout the acepool anyways. Just an FYI for everyone out there . . . the odds of a 900 PDGA rated player making a shot from 150 feet is 1/238. So if you play 238 times at Valley View you should ace approximately 1 time on this hole. I have played this hole 352 times . . . and I have 2 aces (1/176) . . .so I have a while to go before I hit this one again . . . as far as the odds say! I actually had to use my mulligan on this . . . the shortest hole . . .and I still ended up with a 3 . . . SO Congratulations to Brian for the ace pool hit. You can also turn that into $80 in funny money for that special purchase of Terry's merchandise in case you wanted to buy that special someone something . . . or yourself.

Now enough about Brian's ace and my stupid statistics! (I take certain liberties because I keep the statistics and write these news items, so it will often turn into stories about me . . . for no other reason than I can make it happen!

A quick note about the divisions . . . we have seen an incredibly well spread grouping of people attending league . . . we have been having 14-20 people in each of the 3 main divisions each week. not only does that keep everyone interested . . . but it also keeps us from having to preventatively shift people to different divisions solely on the fact that they are winning the division each week (Gary O . . . you were the closest person so far because of your -11 in week 1. . . but you followed that up with a truly Advanced score (+2) so we didn't move you . . . then you bounced back with a perfect Advanced level score (-5) this week, so i am pretty sure you are Advanced to stay for the spring season, but look forward to seeing you elevate your game to Semi-Pro in the Summer Session). With more people comes more payout spots and the winner does not take a higher percentage of the funds . . . more people get a piece of the action and that makes it fun for more than just 1 or 2 people each week. We will be shifting people up to higher divisions based on their averages or their overall standing in a division (like we used to do) but only in extreme circumstances prior to the end of the spring session, since you all seem to be abiding by our desire to keep the flights consistent! Thank you all for your honesty . . . league should be about fun and not about how much funny money you can win!

In Open this week we saw Terry falter slightly letting his long-time friend Jonny V take the W with his (-14). We also saw David Post (who voluntarily stepped up to Open this season (THANK YOU DAVID) take home his first cash(and tie the Course Pro Terry Miller with a (-12) . . . congratulations on the success this week, I am pretty sure Terry won't bogey 16 again nest week. I personally plan to avenge my poor showing next week so you better keep bringing it David P.!!!!! We also saw TJ Webber and Mark Klug (both new voluntary Open players) take home some cash . . . and Dave Olson snuck it out to take home $4 also . . . Don't forget folks . . . you can always turn that cash into funny money if there is something you are saving up for . . . Terry has been gracious enough to offer this option to ams playing pro . . . who might still need to purchase discs or equipment. It's almost like a company matching retirement plan if you think about it!

In Semi-Pro we saw the man who aced Brian Moser also shoot the hot round (-10) (ahem . . . all three rounds for him this season are Open Caliber). We also saw a newcomer Jason Froemming come in second with a solid (-9) and a 3 way tie for third between Gordon Frater, Dustin Skorupinski (one of last weeks aces), and Jared Jacobson . . .each taking home $11 funny money for their efforts.

In Advanced we saw yet another reall hot round for the divison (that should be shooting between Even and (-4). Week one the winner shot (-11), week 2 the winner shot (-7) and week 3 the winner shot (-8). This just goes to show you folks in Advanced . . . you have the ability to shoot great scores but may just lack consistency. I expect to see the top 4 or 5 people in this division playing in Semi-Pro next session . . . and I bet you will cash regularly also if you can work on the consistency.

In the Junior division we again had 2 . . .Jacob Klug had an Advanced level score of (+1) to take the division lead.

In the ever popular Women's divison at Valley View leagues we saw Brianna and newcomer Tiffanie tie with (+1) and will need to both show up next week to playoff for that all important 1/2 point. Loriena (my wife) was welcomed back to leagues with her second best round at Valley View (+3) and I expect she will be challenging the leader in this divison each week. Well she will if she wants to get any new plastic! Just Sayin!