2012 Red Hills Disc Golf Bag Tag League   February 5, 2012 at 6:35pm


Tired of the same 'ol tag? Well, come out to the MAC @ 2:00 and lay it on the line. RHDG is featuring a 12 hole "chain buffet" with a special halfway performance by none other than Milli Vanilli. That's right, at hole # 6, the one hit wonder, lip singing group will be performing their smash hit, "Blame It On The Rain" with special guest, Davis Spears, who has been practicing all week. So, come out and enjoy the festivities.

Feed The Chains.....Chains Are People Too

Note: Milli Vanilli could have a scheduling problem and might not be able to come, in this case Davis will perform a cover version of his favorite rhyme by Drake.