Bad Ace Travelling Winter Handicap Series   December 6, 2011 at 12:22am

Practice Rounds

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up... We have decided to play the Newberg Circuit in its original layout. This means all 15 holes at Champoeg, all 9 holes at Hoover, and all 12 holes at Ewing Young. There are 6 baskets pulled out of the ground at Champoeg, however we are going to bring 6 temp baskets and place them where the original baskets normally would be. There is no water hazards currently other than the creek that goes through Hoover, and the river alongside Ewing Young. It is supposed to be dry until Saturday, and knowing the Bad Ace tradition we will be fine. We will all play in groups of 4 at Champoeg and when our 15 holes are through you will turn in your scorecards and have 1 hour to be at Herbert Hoover. I will have scorecards shuffled and you will play in your new group at hoover, finish up and immediately head over to Ewing Young and complete your 21 hole scorecard with the same group. Your first three holes at Hoover will finish your scorecard from Champoeg. Shaun, Mike Parker and i all played the circuit Saturday and it was a blast. Shaun finished 13 under for 36 holes, Parker was 10 under for 36 holes and I was 8 under for 36 holes. Ewing young put both Parker and myself over par, but Shaun was 4 under and ran away with it. I can’t wait to dominate all of your faces!