Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Fall 2011   October 25, 2011 at 8:56am

Week #7 Update

First and Foremost . . . Terry will be calling Sussex to make sure they know we have one more week of league . . . in hopes they don't pull the course that day for some reason, since that is around their posted date for removal of the course. I will post here what news I hear from Terry about the status of Week #8, but I am hopeful the show will go on!

This week saw some further tightening of the divisions as people begin to drop their lowest point totals. In the Open division, we saw Mike Janowski pull ahead of Scott Slauson by 1 point and ended up 1 point behind the front-runnner Paul Johnson. I already put a phone call into Scott Slauson to make sure he shows up to double points night.

In the Advanced division, I pulled even with Matt Atherton by besting his round of (-6) by 1 to shoot a (-7) which also beat my personal best by one. It was a good night for me . . . I thought it would be better after I deuced #1 for only the third time in my life but I was very happy for myself as I have been striving to get past that -6 for a long time!

In the Amateur division we saw 2 newcomers (Nic Moen and TIm Nimmer) and the three Am stalwarts who we have had all season long (Steve Musto, Mike Szachewicz, and Adam Kindred). Nic Moen shot a +2 to finish in second only one behind Steve Musto's (+1). Now that's a competition!

The Women's division saw the bitter rivalry between BHRY Welch and Loriena bounce back in BHRY's favor again. She beat Loriena by 1 and has a 1 point lead on her for the season so it all comes down to double points night. If Loriena beats BHRY she will win the season, but if BHRY can hold strong she will hold onto the divisional win!

I will update you here about next week, but plan on coming out unless I make an announcement about the round being cancelled.