Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Fall 2011   September 20, 2011 at 8:38am

New Beginnings

And by that I mean we are starting at the new time of 5:30 which looks to be adequate at least for the next 4 weeks, after that we may need to get creative, but let me say this . . . glow devices are allowed if needed to finish up league so if it gets dark quicker than you had thought you can add LED's or perhaps use your glow plastic to finish up, be prepared with glow or LED stuff. Everyone has now received fair warning, so if you don't have the gear let me know and I can hook you up with some sweet, cheap, and easy to use LED lights to tape to your discs, or some sweet Champion Glow Plastic. If you are caught in the dark . . . its now your own fault for not investing in this equipment.

As for weekly news . . . we heard another person gripe about "a particular player" being in Advanced as opposed to Open, which is interesting considering the complainer and the recipient of the complaint both shot the same score this week. In all seriousness, I know the comment I heard was said in gest, but please let the League Director handle sandbagging issues ( and I am not saying "this person" is sandbagging . . . the jury is still out but he only has a few weeks to judge by so it is a little unfair to assume he is in the wrong division at this point. If you feel the need to mention that someone needs to move up please feel free to voice your concerns DIRECTLY TO ME IN PRIVATE, but rest assured I generally am aware of any and all people who are on the verge of being in the wrong division. We (Terry, Me, and of course all of you players) want this to be a fair league and we don't want someone to continue to dominate a division season after season, at some point they simply need to step up, but don't jump the gun and assume just because someone is playing well that they are necessarily in the wrong division. Your placement in a division hinges completely on your statistics and your average (unfortunately with new players I rely completely on their "hopefully" honest evaluation of their own game) and I pay close attention to this on a week by week basis when I do the scores.

As for the highlights from Week #2 of the Fall Sussex League . . . We saw Paul Johnson . . .coming off his big WI TOUR WIN at the Justin Trails Tourney in Advanced this weekend continue his hot shooting to take down the open division with a -10. Scott Slauson tied a hot shooting (10 strokes better than last week) Brandon Burbach for second place. In the Advanced division we saw Aaron Zittnan come in with a -5 to tie the league director (Mike Harrington) . . . both decided to kiss their sisters (see last week) and chop the funny money and the points rather than play it off in the dark. In the Am division we saw a new player (Steve ( and I did not get his last name because he showed up a few minutes late) come in with a +1 and take down the division. Maybe running late helped him prepare to take down the rest of the division. Wait I don't want to encourage being late.

In the Women's division we had a tie after regulation and Brianna and Loriena (+15's) battled it out on extra holes. . . and this week Brianna took down the win over Loriena. I am "happy" for Brianna as I know she was happy about her win tonight over my wife. This is looking to become a highly contested division this season with some really comparable shooting women. If you have a girlfriend or if you know any woman who plays, please tell her this is the league for her to play in . . . I have rarely ever seen 3 women at any league, so if we could get more that would be awesome!

MERCHANDISE QUESTIONS: If you have any specific requests please let me know . . . I do see Terry at least once a week and if there is something specific you are looking for let me or Terry know and if we can coordinate a transfer I will do my best. Please only request something if you plan to see me the next week, otherwise I will discontinue my offer to do this. I do not have a lot of room in my truck to carry a bunch of stuff around for a bunch of different people, but if you know what you want and Terry has it, I'd be glad to make the connection for you.

See you next week!!!