Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Fall 2011   September 13, 2011 at 8:25am

5:30 Start next week

Ok everyone, after seeing how light. . . or dark . . . it was at the end of league this week out of necessity we need to bump the start time up to 5:30 so that we are not finishing 2 or 3 holes in the dark . . . keep in mind we lose a few minutes of sunlight everyday.Since daylight savings time goes until November 6th (the sunday before our 8th week . . . we may be able to make it a 10 week season starting at 5:30 for the rest of the season) . . . I will keep you in touch about the additional 2 weeks and ask for your input.

We had a request to do some sort of rolling start but that sort of takes away from the divisional nights and also opens up another can of worms, so for now lets just keep it at a set time and whoever can make it can make it. It isn't meant to exclude anyone on purpose. Please use my cell phone (262) 894-3404 if you are running late or going to be arriving right at the start time so that I can appropriately put you into a group.

On a more exciting note . . . Brad Weber was the big winner of the Innova Discatcher Mini Basket, Mike Broetzman took down the third raffle prize of a Mini Sharpie and 2 LED lights for glow golf, while Scott Slauson got the prize package of a License plate, a mini sharpie, 2 LED lights and a Shammy (to the supposed tune of $69 retail value).

Weekly highlights were the two top Open players deciding to split the points and the money rather than playoff in the dark . . . congrats to Scott Slauson and Mike Janowski who apparently both like kissing their sisters (who both shot -7). In the Advanced Division newcomer (sort of) Drew Griswold took down the division and tied the two top pros (mentioned above) with a round of 47 and his best league round. Keep it up . . .and pay no attention to the chants of "bagger" or "move up", those are people (Matt Atherton) who wish they could take down a divisional win by 6 strokes. In the Am division we had a newcomer Adam Kindred . . . thanks for coming out and you will take home an $8 voucher for Terrys merchandise. The Women's division saw a record number of participants tonight and if we could only get Megan Crass to come back to league we would have a legitimate 4 person division. Welcome to Becky Olkowski and Loriena Harrington (yes my wife plays disc golf too). Loriena (+13) took down the division tonight (forgetting to use her mulligan) and I think she has only played at Sussex about 3 or 4 times. Bree took second and Becky looks for revenge the next time she comes to play.
Thanks again!