Vienna Sunday Dubs   September 13, 2011 at 3:42am

Points Battle Tightens up!

The Top 4 Positions for Doubles title just got allot closer. Only 65 Points seperates those players with Fall season quickly approaching.
Ron GravelleII & Osh are only seperated by 3 points, while Toth & Hoyle are not far behind (Chris Woj is departing us and is excluded, although Great shooting this year Woj!)
Chris Hoyle, RPGII and Toth all managed to gain points on the M.I.A Oshe'a sunday cashing in there respective spots.
Ace Pool is now over $220 wich will draw more players and will have more points up for grabs.....

*Speaking of points, Sunday October 30th Will bring a special edition doubles with a
$10 Entry fee along with the $1 Ace pool.... but that's not all... This particular doubles wll offer DOUBLE POINTS!!!
To mix things up a bit, The Odd Numbered Holes will be played from the long tee's and the even numbered holes will be played from the shorts.
Should be a Great time & an early Halloween Celebration!