24 Chains   August 17, 2011 at 6:26pm

Friday’s game @ Cass Benton. Meet 5:30 Tee 6:00

We are setting sail to the glory that is Cass Benton, for all those who have never been out to Cass you are in for a treat. This course boasts the most scenic views of Northville, Virtually no casuals, and a well-kept course that should be the standard for all tree maintenance and care. A stroll through the woods out here is like playing the Masters in Augusta only in Michigan and will undoubtedly leave you asking “Why”.
As usual we will have the side games of chance for all those willing; Ace Pool has breached the $200 mark and is looking to be taken down a peg by someone. I look forward to the next coming weeks for the death of the “skeeters” and am hoping that we can play Lola, Founders, and maybe even Freedom before the night sky falls faster than we can play.