Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Summer 2011   August 16, 2011 at 2:54am

Hot August Rounds

OK . . . so the temperatures have cooled significantly in the last few weeks, perhaps that explains some better shooting by some people.

In the Pro Division Scott Slauson (Winner of the Open Division over Scotty Too Hotty Burtard from Bringing Sussex Back last fall) graced us with his presence and came in with a (-10) after not playing here since sometime in the Spring Season. Joel Kamoske followed up his best round all season (-11) from last week with a (-12) this week and I heard a rumor he didn't even get to use his mulligan . . . I sure hope he didn't tank a 10 to 15 footer like my entire group did and hold onto the mulligan for later in the round. Brandon Burbach hit an ace on Hole #10 and shot 4 better than his best on the season (-8) and just missed cash, but the $184 in cash for the Ace might console him for some time to come. Pat Hamill also regained some form after not playing here for a fair amount of time and improved to a (-9) and I personally know he can do better than that.

In the Advanced Division, Dave Olson, who went on to win this week and extend his lead in the Advanced Division, shot his best round ever at Sussex (-8), Also in the Advanced division Dean Peters and Brandon Pungarcher shot (-6) their best rounds during league and I (Mike Harrington) tied my best round ever (for the third or fourth time) at Sussex to get into the 3 way tie for 2nd in the division. Shannon Wiskowski also shot his best on the season with an (E) . . .I heard him say before league that "I need to be shooting below par here soon", so maybe next week it will happen Shannon . . .you are on the verge!

This weeks CTP contest saw a return of a light post CTP and with someones suggestion we included the road as OB as we threw down the hill to the lightpost by the garbage cans. There were half a dozen people who went OB but I don't think any of those discs would have been closer (within 20-25' or so) than Dave Olson and Matt Atherton . . . two regular league players from multiple leagues who have got to be sick of dominating the CTP events during league.

Next week is actually week 5 of 6. I am sorry that when I wrote the notes last week I was mistaken. Perhaps we will shake it up a little bit next week like I said I was going to do this week, before finishing the season with Double Points in Week 6.

Thanks again for your attendance, but please try and convince some more people to come to Sussex for league . . . we could use some more Amateur players (Over Par), and some more women to try and establish actual divisions for these regular attendees. The Advanced (11-19 people) and Open fields (6 or 7 people) have been fairly well attended every week, but we would always take more people into these divisions.

See you next week.