2012 - 2013 Bad Ace Travelling Winter Handicap Series   December 6, 2012 at 12:07am

Bad Ace #4 @ Hornings Hideout

Im pretty excited to dominate everyones faces again! I do love me some bird or die disc at Hornings, the weather is looking promising; which is always nice when I dont have to put in too much pillow talk time with the devil to keep the rain away. Congrats to my Beavers as they won handidly last week while the ducks sat around with their thumbs up their feathery asses and watched two mediocre teams battle it out for the Pac 12 Championships. Please dont forget to bring $3 to pay for the day use fee at Hornings Hideout! I already spoke with Bob and let him know we were coming, so dont be surprised if there is someone sitting at the entrance taking money from you before you even park your car! Consider yourselves warned, thats what they did at the DGOD event I went to a little while back.

Lastly there has been talk of purposeful sandbagging again! Seriously, this is the one thing that really pisses me off and is a giant slap to my face from a group of epople that I consider to be friends, even the duck fans contingent I consider to be friends (cant believe i just typed that) As your President and a friend, please dont be a douche bag and screw with the integrity of the competition. That being said up to this point I have no reason to believe this has happend. You are allowed to drop 4 scores and keep your best 6. AS I mentioned at the first event: It is one thing to have an abnormally bad round or day where things just wont go right (especially on those Damned Hornings Baskets) It is another thing entirely to simply announce that you are going to triple bogey every hole and then do exactly that!