Sussex Disc Golf League on Monday Nights - Summer 2011   August 9, 2011 at 9:22am

Rain rain go away

I stand by my comment that it wasn't going to rain . . . it didn't rain, it was more like a drizzle. It was annoying but it is a good test of ones abilities to withstand conditions that are not ideal, which is a little unfortuante because without the rain I don't think we could have had better conditions with the temperatures hovering about 70-75 degrees and light to 5 MPH winds. Overall scores were better than average it seemed so despite the rain we all (as a whole) persevered. The standouts were Joel Kamoske (-11), Jeff Hatch (-7) and Dave Olson (-7), Matt Atherton (-3), Ben Lynch (-1) who all shots lights out compared to their averages, although I think Joel was just setting us all up when he claimed he had been shooting so "poorly" all year.

The CTP action saw us leave the old school (CTP to the lightpost) for the new school doing a CTP to an actual basket. It was highly contested for the top two spots especially when considering the second place spot slid underneath the first place disc (had the disc not been there it would have skidded out of contention).

All in all a great week (despite the rain . . . ahemm I mean drizzle) . . . special thanks to Ben Lynch for continuing to participate so you can all redeem your funny money or make additional purchases each week. That is something I am unable to do as your league director so I appreciate Ben being there most weeks!

See you for week 5 where I think we need to shake things up a bit, not sure what that means or what I will do quite yet, but it will be something we haven't done before I can promise you that!!!! Bring a friend (maybe even another woman so they can actually have a legitimate division next week. I know my wife plans to show up all of next season!!! Let's be the first league to successfully have a decent women's division every week!!!!

See you soon,

Mike Harrington