AU Disc Golf Handicap League - Summer 2011   August 7, 2011 at 8:11pm


Hi everybody,

A few updates about the league here:

1.) I've made some minor changes to handicap calculations. Now, instead of getting 80% of your handicap as a stroke adjustment, everyone will receive 85%. This should tip the balance slightly more in favor of higher handicap players. Additionally, handicaps are now based on the previous 10 rounds instead of only the previous 5. Some players were having streaks of good rounds that made their handicap lower than it should have been. New score adjustments are posted in the Talk page (

2.) Casual doubles play will begin on Tuesday evenings. This will be no cost, no league, etc. Just show up and play with whoever is able to come. Partners will be chosen randomly or assigned based on even skill levels. Please post on the talk page ( with what time would work well for you. I'm thinking 5:30 or 6:00. If Tuesday doesn't work, let me know there also.

3.) Mike and I will be going up to Flip City next week for the Farm Classic. We'd love to have some of you join us. There will be Novice and Intermediate divisions, so everybody should find a place they can compete. It's a full day of disc golf, and lots of fun. #1 rated course in the world... come join us. Post in the Talk page so we know how to arrange rides (