MacIntyre Park Saturday Toss   July 18, 2011 at 2:17am

Wet and Wild!!!

For the players that missed the toss Saturday, you missed an interesting morning!!! When we started the weather was great and team Cullen/Thomas wore out the course shooting a 28 on the first 12 holes even with a bogie on hole 12. Boy…the second round was a different story!!! A torrential downpour set in on the first hole and absolutely soaked everything in our possession. We played slip and slide and as we approached hole #3 tee we realized that we were in for a whitewater adventure!!! It seemed that all of the water runoff from the entire county was flowing through the park. 7 lost discs and 12 holes later, the 6 of us walked off the course in awe of the crazy morning and ready for a hot shower! It was a great experience and if you were not there you missed out!