Barre Falls - Random Dubz - Fridays - 5:30 - $5   July 2, 2011 at 5:19am

On July 8th, league will be held at Tully.

There is a Master's Tourney there on the 9th and there will be a special Friday Night Dubz League the night before. A bunch of the tourney players will be camping Friday night, so let's show them a good league. Word has it, there may be some crazy Safari Glow Round after league as well. Wouldn't be surprised if there were 30-40 people there.

Still 5 bucks, still random dubz, and both the Tully and Barre Ace Pots will be put on the line. 6 PM start time.

Spread the word about Barre Dubz and the league invasion on the 8th...