Saturday Morning Dubs at Alex   June 25, 2011 at 11:43pm

Good to be back

It's always nice to come back from vacation and win dubs! Brad was lucky to have me as a partner. :) Great turnout with 30 players and a hand full of new players as usual. Our CTP winners are Brad Hammock holes 2 and 6, Mike Martin hole 10, and Carter Honeycut hole 15.

Sign ups are up and running for the 2011 Aerial Armada III field open to 90 players. Chop also informed us today about today being the last day to sign up for the Gwinnett tag league. I believe he said $20. Also Cody would like to see if he could start some singles action at Alex most likely Tuesday evenings. He will have a Pro division and an AM division. If you think it would be something you could make it out to just send a quick post so Cody can go ahead and make sure he gets Tuesdays off from work to run the action. Thanks guys!