2012 CDGA Bag Tag   June 18, 2012 at 11:56pm


Anyone can submit tag updates, If you look on the main bag tag page you can click "Submit bag tag updates" after that click "Submit player tags" Then all you have to do is change the tag number which you have.

Ties go to the lowest tag holder prior to round.
You can exchange tags during doubles events, or any event really.

How doubles would work. All those who want to battle for tags agree to do such before the flip (Not all the players playing doubles need to be involved the tags). Then play like normal, Winning team gets the two lowest tags (Assuming both players on winning team had tags, if only one person on the team had a tag, then just he gets a tag) and go down to all tags are handed out. If both players on a team had tags, to determine which gets the lower of the two tags one, is based on who had the lowest tag to start the round.

If battling for tags during handicap doubles, use the handicapped score to determine winners not actual. This allows for more movement with tags to not let anything get to stagnant.

During Tuesday league rounds, your tag is automatically up for grabs. If you don't care to wait around or even deal with the tags, you may take the lowest tag available of the ones turned in for that day. This is for people who choose to buy tags just for the membership benefits and may not want to be involved with battling for tags.

Tuesday leagues will end before Bag tags end, People who wish to keep showing up the same times on Tuesdays to keep battling for tags after Tuesday leagues end are encouraged to do so!

Any Questions I may not have covered please ask and I will answer as promptly as I can.