ABDG TUESDAY GLOW   May 11, 2011 at 11:27pm

$286 ace pot, 58 people, 9 holes, 1 fight, 1 ace, and no Cops!

Thanks everybody for comming out to Rockwood for our biggest Glow League turnout yet. 58 people showed up on 10 scorecards. I'm glad nobody went to the hospital with all those discs flyin. And CONGRADULATIONS on NATE KABZA's 286 dollar ace on hole 2. lucky bastard!!!
And on a personal note, I started this league to meet friends and have a good time, I don't care what you consume before you play, but if you can't be respectfull of others around you and the community, then don't show up. Be safe, curtious, and respectfull. Otherwise you might get your ass kicked.
See all you "CHAIN" smokers later... ChaaaaChiiiiiing