24 Chains   December 16, 2010 at 12:43am

Sunday *RAID* on Ypsi Dubs, Rolling Hills @ 10 a.m

Avast ye scurvy dogs and degenerate pirates alike, Tis time that we rally the salty dogs and take the show to the port of Ypsi Dubs at Rolling Hills. This will be the first raid in a long time to go a visit our fellow frozen throwers. Their side games usually total in the area of $10 but I have spoken with them in the past and they assure there is still a way the the Pirates can CHA for free’z so worry not ye broken and busted dogs… Fun times are always free. But cash times cost about $10. They have Ace pool, CTP’s, 50/50 and who knows what else. To better let them know how many to expect please add yourself to the game posting on the DiscGolfScene.

Questions? If so just give a shout.