24 Chains   October 27, 2010 at 6:24pm

Sunday service is at Willow Metro Park @9:30-ish

So this Sunday (Halloween) we are heading back to Willow to meet up with some of our close friends, we are teeing off at 10:00AM so show up a little to join in the pre round fun and games. Ypsi Dubs will be out for a scare as well as the Night Moose playing later that afternoon (2PM) to take a crack at the chains. We are playing a $5 cash game of dubs, also planning on having at least 2 growlers for the pre-round CTP, as well as a Gift Certificate from the Throw Shop and other goodies that we are waiting to stuff in you goodie bags. Dirty $$$, Ace pool is $112 and pays out 50%, Tarzan, Who knows what other games we can conjure up with this one as it is the season for Tricks and Treats.
Any question on this game please Email or post..