24 Chains   October 21, 2010 at 9:55pm

Sunday Sermon @ Cass Benton 10:00am

This Sunday we are heading out to the hills of Cass Benton to try our luck at some chains. Open invite for any of those out there that cannot attend the “Party at the ponds 2” event that is being thrown, As always for those who have the time and ability to go to that event and show them the Pirate love please go and do so.. For all those broke and time crunched pirates come get it.
This ship is sailing with Miah at the helm and running the show as Ray and I are out due to family obligations. I’m sure this round will be fun filled with whatever side games the pirates on hand can conjure up. Ace pool is creeping back up to a respectable level and awaiting some scurvy bastard to claim.

Any questions just shout at one of us..