24 Chains   October 14, 2010 at 12:00am

Sunday Church Service, Willow Metro Park @ 9:30am

First I would like to encourage anyone who has the time and the means to go out and play in the Union strikes event out at Independence Lake... The local 101 peoples are putting on their annual fall event and I would like anyone of us pirate bastards to go out there and represent, take everything... Leave nothing…. And holler out a CHA!!!!!! But for those of us whom lack the time and cash I invite you to come out to Willow.
This Sunday starts out cold weather season, same old us only on a different day and time. As always we put it to a vote on where and try to do the same as far as the when. This week we are kicking it off at Willow Metro Park and trying to enjoy a dry and skeeter free round. Dirty $$, Growler Toss, CTP’s. The usual fun and shenanigans... Any questions call, But I look forward to seeing you bagger dogs early in the morning…