Saturday Morning Dubs at Alex   July 31, 2010 at 10:37pm

Tight rounds today

Nothing like disc golf in the summer here in GA. Nice tight scoring this morning. Even the ctp's were tight Cody Britton took both hole 2 and hole 10, Nick Brost took hole 6, and Mark Spaugh got hole 14. I have all the scores for last weeks dubs but because not everyone put last names on it so it's a bit hard for me to post. We need to start writing our full last names because we have to many people with the same names.

Next week I do not have any dubs scheduled due to the Alexander Aerial Armada II that everyone is signing up for. JR just had his twin boys on Thursday so he needs a little resting time. If you need more info on time or for some strange reason you need directions go to the ADGO board all the info is on it.