Women's League at Hodges Village Dam   July 29, 2010 at 6:12pm

A few things:

1. I've updated the score board for last night's round. Erin or Amy will fill in a few others we may have missed over the past month.

2. I updated our league the best I can; our "club" is already registered, so I can't change our name to remove 'Hodges' without starting all over and losing our history. Let's just stick with what we have for that.

3. I updated our NEFA thread to include the decisions we made last night about location and day of the week.

We tried to represent the discussions we've had in the past with all of you when making our decisions last night. All feedback is welcome, so let us know what you think. I truly hope we are turning the corner and can get our female disc golf representation back in the limelight! Ummm...look at our numbers from a year ago at this time...can we finish the season as strong? I think so!!! See you next Thursday at 5:32 at Pyramids; that's right: 5:32 !