DGLA: Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2012/13   December 5, 2012 at 11:41pm

DGLA: MiCPS-Winter 2013 News & FAQ

the DGLA - Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Winter 2013 (MiCPS-W 2013)

237 total players throughout Michigan
No fee to play in this league
37 participating leagues

Well we are off to a great start and some great weather. No Double points rounds yet for being 15 degrees or lower during a round. I'll provide some more stats shortly but I wanted to make a quick post with some commonly ask questions:

How can I join the MiCPS-w 2013?

All you have to do is play a league round at any of the participating leagues between Nov 18th and March 16th 2013 and have a profile on Disc Golf Scene - the rest is auto-magical. Goal should be to get at least two rounds a week as your best two rounds are used for point accrual each week; Sunday - Saturday.

How much does it cost?

No cost to be part of the MiCPS-W but each league may have their own fees to play in their league - check each league's page here on Disc Golf Scene for details and schedules. But no additional fees to be included in the MiCPS-W.

What do I get for my FREE participation in the MiCPS-W?

It means something different to everyone. You are included in the largest statewide disc golf event, which connects players, promote play and the exchange of information about leagues along with bragging rights. We will crown the Michigan Disc Golf League Champion for Winter and Summer.
Hit an Ace or Win a league round, play the most rounds or get the most points in a week or month and hundreds of disc golf players throughout the state know about it instantly.

If you like having "skin in the game", like payouts or helping the sport and courses improve becoming a DGLA Player members.

How do I become a DGLA Player member?

First you need to create your FREE lifetime DGLA membership profile - Supporting Member. Then you can either use PayPal from your DGLA profile page, mail a check to DGLA or see Foz, Scott or Pete. It's only $30 and included both Winter and Summer Point Series if you register by Jan 15th.

What do I get as a DGLA Player Member?

DGLA Player Member package consists of a Commemorative DGLA Player Member 2013 disc and DGLA Glow Mini, $5 to the DGLA Michigan Course Improvement Grant program you get to vote on how it is used and $15 to the Point Series payouts and you are eligible for the MDGO Mi Disc Golf State Championship berths that we will award for the Winter and Summer Point Series. The payouts and berths are awarded based on your overall standing on the DGLA Player leaderboard "LEAGUE LEADERS · DGLA MEMBERS", you are only competing against the other DGLA Player members for Payouts and Berths.

What other questions would you like answered about DGLA and the MiCPS-W?

Top Ten of the DGLA Player Member$ - out of 3 Players Members statewide:

1 Foz Miller 5 rounds 114
2 Josh "J Bird" Frisinger 2 rounds 32
3 Lisa Hartman 3 rounds 28

Top Ten Overall - out of 237 players statewide:
1 grant ward 5 rounds 168
2 Ben Calhoun 5 rounds 124
3 Dale "Llama" Wrobel 5 rounds 118
4 J B 4 rounds 114
4 Foz Miller 5 rounds 114
6 Daemon Stahlin 6 rounds 110
7 Kurt Umbarger 3 rounds 100
8 Dave Milewski 4 rounds 96
8 Rich Mcpherson 6 rounds 96
10 Scott Sprow 5 rounds 94

Enjoy the Winter Rounds.