Saturday Morning Dubs at Alex   February 17, 2011 at 6:14am

More new people

Thanks to all who showed, and thanks to a hand full of new players. Cody did a good job at running dubs for me while I was sucking at GSSS #1. He did manage to blow my record for no redraws this year. I had a hard time posting scores tonight because nobody put last names on the card. We have about 5 Mike's, Davids, Matt's, Chris's, I can go on and on. Any ways Cody wanted someone to hit and ace this week so he made front nine blue and back nine reds, but nobody could put it in the bucket. So the ace pots is still full and ready for this weekend. Our CTP winners this week are "W" hole 1, Matt Rudzinski hole 5, Clunck hole 13, and Cody Britton hole 16. Thanks again to Cody and I will see everyone this Saturday!