Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   May 21, 2010 at 10:29pm

New Leagues, HLWs, Cutoff Dates Defined

We have some new leagues added to the MICPS

Goldenrod Doubles - Thursdays at Goldenrod
Highlighted League of the Week (HLW) day will be Thursday 8/19/2010

Big Arms at the Bends - Saturdays at Riverbends
HLW will be 7/24/2010

8 Mile Thursday Doubles - Thursdays at the Farm
HLW will be 6/10/2010

We have set cutoff dates for adding new leagues. The last date to add a league to the MICPS will be June 30th. After this date we will be locked in and will not add any more leagues for this season.

Get out there and keep earning those points. The season is just starting to heat up!