Ypsi Dubs Winter League   April 4, 2010 at 12:02am

Hang up the long johns & grab the sun block and bug juice

Well finally the last scores are posted and Daemon held off Pat and held onto the #1 spot on the leader board and is able to monopolize the Holy Grail – The only name on the Holy Grail – Two in a row League wins, so far.

The Perpetual Plaque at the RH lodge will be updated and then hung with:

Winter 09/10

1st Daemon Stahlin
2nd Pat Burke
3rd Jim (JD) Daniels

It’s your turn now – New season is starting up this Sunday for Ypsi Dubs Sunday “Church” league. Ace pool carries over and the Ann Arbor and MI Point Series begin as well. Yes you can get points in all three leagues. It all starts Easter Sunday. I know many of you need to head to Church Sunday morning or look for the Easter Bunny – Ypsi Dubs Church Service begins at 10:00 am like always but you may want to be a bit early for a few extra fun during registration. We will try a few new things to kick off the season. First we will have a new type of Pre-Round CTP. For those who went to OG after last Church service you will know it as Wobbly Basket or what ever it ended up being called. I’ll have the 4x4 pulpit on hand – make sure you have 5 putters or borrow from a friend. At payout we will give out the Winter league awards to those who are there – the other sinners can see me in the confessional ….

Congratulation to everyone on a great winter league. One of the funniest by far for me and I look forward to even better summer leagues. I have heard a lot of nice comments about the direction of the leagues. Yes there have been a lot of improvements lately – DiscGolfersR.Us and Disc Golf Scene.com have really helped connect us all with League info and league management is so much easier now with Disc Golf Scene.com. The sixth dollar at registration which helps ensure we have CTP awards, more winners per round. The Pre-Round CTP – which has helped us purchase the perpetual plaque for the Rolling Hills lodge for the top three in each league and the Holy Grail trophy which will reside at the Throw Shop to commemorate the 1st place Champions for years to come. A very important improvement is that I don’t have to fumble around at registration and payouts – Thanks to many of you who help out from time to time and a few that always help.

Special thanks for Matt Schooley who has really ran the Winter league – he has given up practice time, put up with all the shenanigans & BS and was at all but one league days – so we all could just show up and play – Thanks Matt.

Chris Gee also has really stepped up and helped out between shoveling tees, ice melt, reg assistance, Holy Water and Growler procurement and the attendance record - Thanks.

Rob Shaffer and Jake Schooley have made the Pre-Round CTP fun and exciting as well as jumped in when needed.

Greg Lane –Thanks for stepping in and running the league over the holidays.

Chris Behrmann, Nick Mucker & Tim Pilsbury who were always there ready to lend a hand and stepped up to help with the summer leagues – Keep Church in service year round…

But what I attribute most of the change, that ultimately leads to maximizing our enjoyment – All of you and a truly cooperative, friendly and encouraging spirit and mind set. New players are welcomed and encouraged. If things get messed up there is more cooperation than BS and together we get it done and have a blast – Thanks to each and every one of you for making this an amazing time on the course.

Some Ypsi Dubs Winter `09/`10 league “Church” stats:

Number of Rounds played: 243
Best Score: -16, Dec 20th, Mike Raley and Pat Burke
Avg Wining Score -11.45
Max. Teams / week 21 Feb 7th
Average Teams / week 11.0
Min. teams / week 5 Oct 4th & 11th
Total Payout $2,430.00

The Final Top Ten from the leader board:

1st Daemon Stahlin 396
2nd Pat Burke 373
3rd Jim (JD) Daniels 274
4th Terry Calhoun 240
5th Nick Mucker 234
6th Greg Lane 230
7th Ken Parks 229
8th Matt Schooley 226
9th Chris Gee 224
10th Joe Arnet 216


Tuesday Dubs will also begin this next week, April 6th . Several have been testing out Tuesday evenings. We started at 5:45 last week and just beat dusk. If it were cloudy we would have been racing to beat the locking of the gate. So we will start at 5:30 next Tuesday and 5:45 the following and keep adjusting as the sun hangs out longer and longer. I will update the league schedule and post notices.

I look forward to seeing everyone at some course, some league, some time during the week. This summer we have one or two Disc Golf league everyday of the week but Thursday, at eight great local courses. All part of the Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series and the Michigan Cooperative Point Series - so you can play around the state, get points or just see who is playing leagues in state. – And were still growing….
– It’s going to be a wild Summer – ENJOY!!!.