Ypsi Dubs Winter League   February 15, 2010 at 2:59am

Ypsi Dubs the series - 2/14/2010 - Shhhh -Church is in Service

Well Welcome to our Church, Sean McFarlan, Ska Bob and Chris Day makes it out for his first Winter round.

27 players as a few had to go and see if they could crack some plastic but what a great day for a winter round.

A big Thanks for Nick Mucker and Chris Behrmann for clearing the pads yesterday - Great Moral support Chris. And to Chris Gee who spread soem cheer with his salt - We all owe you guys - THANKS!!!

Brain Welch parked the Pre-round CTP - Nice shot! I hope the etched Conner Brewery Growler and mug come in handy from time to time.

Ken Parks and Mike Raley took the two CTPs and got their hands on a $10 Throw Shop Gift Certificate. Mike hope you all the best in your rounds on the West coast - look forward to seeing you back on our courses in April.

Two Calhouns in the payout this week - luckily for me I had one of them on my team. Ben Calhoun and I took a bit to get warmed up but had fun and managed to squeak in at last cash at 4th place. Jon Steiner and Greg Lane edged us out by a stroke for 3rd. A power team Mike Raley and Bob Smart dropped three more strokes for -12 and 2nd place. Another power team Terry Calhoun and Ken Parks shaved more stroke off, -13 to take First and some extra points for being the clear "Outright Winners".

So how did this affect the points:
No movement in the top 6 places although Terry, Ken and Greg added points and got a little closer.

Chris Gee and Mike Raley both moved up and their both tied for 7th place with Joe Arnet. Ben Calhoun holds on to 10th place.

As this week comes to and end and with only two more full weeks of regular leagues before the Final Event, here is how the 10 ten are fairing:

No movement in the top 5 but all added points this week except Daemon , so Bob Smart now is only 29 points out of first place - easily only one league round away.... Ben Calhoun in 3rd is 92 out of first but closing in steadily. 10th place - Joe Arnet - is 252 out of first currently, with 4 to 63 points separating the leaders from each other in the top 10. An Ace could make a big difference. What do the last two weeks hold for the points race? Will it come down to the Final Event on March 7th?

Hope to see ya soon - Keep the Faith