3 Rivers Winter League Series - 2010   February 14, 2010 at 3:59am

Wind has the last laugh.

Chris Thomas and Jeff Tori battled it out today @ Pioneer Park on a set of modified, lengthened tees. The weather was fine early and the sun broke through making a very pleasant morning. Hole 2 proved to be strangely difficult as several high scores were recorded there. Jeff sank an unlikely 90 footer on #5 to tie it up @ 10 down! He sailed it straight to the bucket, riding the breeze the whole way. After a parking contest on #6 they were tied @ minus 11 with three left to play. That's when the wind really picked up, Jeff seemed to know what was about to happen... Chris parks inside 6 feet on 7 and inside twelve on 8, making two more birdies to go 13 down. Mother Nature proved tougher than Mr. Thomas as Jeff bogeyed two of the final three, leaving Chris with a 4 stroke win. Nice shoot-out, Jeff! With an honorable mention, Ryan Foose shoots left handed, still nursing an injured right. Ironically, he managed to break his own record of a 30 stroke victory by, this time, losing by a modest 31. The club travels to Westminster next week to shoot the scenic City Park course, see you there.