Ypsi Dubs Winter League   March 19, 2010 at 8:09am

Ypsi Dubs Winter Church - Final 2 Cermons

Repent - the end is near....

Well as the weather begin to thaw us out it must be time to change our gear and get ready for Summer Salvation. Yes only two rounds left.

The last round of Ypsi Dubs Winter -={Church}=- is March 28th. Fear not, for the very next Sunday the Summer Church service begins and most of us can redeem ourselves for the indiscretion during winter play.

March 28th is also the DGLO Championship Series #3:

Brother Gee will be at Rolling Hills for those who can not make the pilgrimage to DGLO Champ Series #3 to support the next coming of D-GLO.

April 4th we will kick off the new season with the accolades due our brethren for their Winter achievements and some blessings to usher in the new season appropriately. A few advance highlights: The unveiling of the Ypsi Dubs plague that will immortalize the three holiest amongst us from each season, which will reside in the Rolling Hills cathedral (the Lodge) for eternity, or a heck of a long time. The Holly Grail will be etched with the name of the one who persevered and despite all we did to help them achieve less than ourselves, distinguished themselves above all else and so it shall be written//etched and then interned at the Throw Shop until the next is crowned. Both are perpetual symbols, to be added to each season for years to come. Or until I get my name on the growler and then that bad boy is mine,,,,,

The A2CoPS & MICoPS begin April 4th as well - Oh rejoice in the bounty of points that await us.

Remember, help those who need a hand and you will be rewarded many time over.

Peace be with you all....