Alaska Disc Golf Bag Tag Challenge 2010   May 3, 2010 at 9:24pm

Bag Tag Fundraiser

Fellow Disc Golfers,

Beginning today at 6 pm, John Lorentzen is starting up an unofficial organized round at Kincaid Park on Mondays. This will be a fundraiser to help raise money to improve both Kincaid Park, as well as, WCL. It's $5 per person with $2 going to the payout and the other $3 will be split between the two courses. The reason it's called the Bag Tag Fundraiser is because this is your chance to settle any challenges that may have been brought up during the week. On the other hand, when you get there and see that So and So is there with their number X card you can challenge that person on the spot. Those who just want to come out and be placed on a card to play for cards can do so as well. Lastly, John will also be giving out a special prize at the end of each Monday night round. I'll let him talk about that later. We hope you'll come out and support a good cause.