Sunnybrook Indoor Putting   February 3, 2010 at 2:50am

Sunnybrook Indoor Putting

Introducing a new weekly league that will run through the end of March.
This league may turn into more in the Fall if it goes well.
It will NOT be played at River Bends like it says but I listed River Bends because it is the closest course to our venue.

The league will be played at Sunnybrook Bowling Alley / Golf Course. The facility has a sizeable banquet room in the back where we can set up baskets and play a variety of formats like horseshoes as a doubles - type format or have people shooting at a single basket from various spots in the room, each spot worth points based off of difficulty and distance. For any doubles formats we will have people flip for partners.

Sunnybrook Bowling Alley / Golf Course is located in Sterling Heights, Michigan on the north side of 17 Mile Road just west of Van Dyke. The banquet room is in the back. When entering the facility please walk directly into the bar, order a drink or two at the end of the bar, then exit out of the right side of the back of the bar and make an immediate left into the putting palace.

The venue has lots of beer and liquor. we will have tables, chairs, waitresses, maybe be able to watch sports on TV - all of the details are being worked out now.

R U interested - post up on the talk section...