Ypsi Dubs Winter League   January 25, 2010 at 8:38pm

Quick Highlights from 1/24/2010

Slush & Ice with an occasional drizzle but all and all a pretty good day - could have been much worse weather wise per the forecast.

Welcome Kurt Maty (6184), Joe Wallow (22608), Mitch Winters (36898) to Ypsi Dubs Sunday Church Service – Glad to see you guys out. And thanks to all who made the trek out – some further than others – always great to see everyone out for some winter play.

Rob Shaffer ran the pre-round CTP and ran away with the booty – nice shot Rob.

Daemon & Sheldon pulled out a fantastic round, especially in these conditions, minus 15 – awesome guys. Almost tied the league record.

A three way tie at –11 but Framo (Brown Park!) & Ben Lengel took top cash from the playoff followed by Scott White & Mike Fortunato (101), Tim Gacioch & Dave Munro.

CTPs - Brian Welch grabs a nice Layer 8 pull over for his nice toss and Daemon hits another CTP.

I did not get the results of Chris Behrmann’s sponsored CTP – details to be added.

Leader board movers and shakers:

Jake Schooley move up to 6th, Ken Parks at 7th and Joe Arnet moves into the 10th position – nicely done gentlemen.

On the A2CoPS Leader Board:

The following moved up one position each:

JD to 5th
Joe Arnet to 7th
Pat Burke to 9th
GLane takes the 10th spot

Daemon Stahlin at 1st extends his lead over Bob Smart at 2nd by adding 30 points and reaching the 500 point level.

What will happen on the leader board this week? DGLO Championship Series #1
Get your pints while their cold. Ann Arbor Cooperative Point Series (A2CoPS), Final Event March 6th. Make sure you listed on the A2CoPS Leader board to be eligible for the fun at Indy Lake.