2009 Leverich Sunday Doubles   December 28, 2009 at 11:45pm


Thanks to everyone who came out to the last Sunday doubles of 2009. We will probably start it back up after the next Slosh tourney end of January. Special thanks to Stumptown Disc Golf for donating a big box iof prizes for all of us to enjoy for the ring of fire. Show them your patronage and visit their website to view other items you can buy, or sign up for tourneys on their site as well. Much appreciated, and also a thanks to everyone who donated disc and minis and whatnot, it was a success. There was 38 players yesterday and I think almost everyone left with something in their hands. Congrats to Jeremy Beckwith for winning the whole League in standings. P.S. If you aren't linked up to the scores from the league, send me your email address and thy will be done.