3 Rivers Fall League 2009   December 13, 2009 at 12:38am


Five inches of snow made traversing Clark Centennial Park quite a chore today as we made our rounds in Longmont, CO. Once the clouds exposed the sun, things really warmed up out there, except the score cards! Only one player finishing better than +6 meant that there was quite a dogpile at the bottom this time. Discs were hiding in the snow every chance they got, resulting in a few penalties. No aces today, but we got quite a scare from Chris as his drive bounced off the basket after what looked like a perfect skip up into the trees on hole 6. Luckily the creek was frozen solid or there would have been several discs deposited for the locals. While searching the trees on hole 10, Nate finds his discs as well as one other unmarked straggler clinging to the pine straw. Brad somehow edges out his brother once again as he steals the CTP this week, nice! Thanks again for bringing your shovel Sam, that helped a lot. Only two more left this year, Epple Park is where we meet next week.