3 Rivers Fall League 2009   December 6, 2009 at 8:19am

How cold is too cold?

What's an inch or two of snow amongst friends? Coupled with a fair breeze, apparently it is nothing. The regulars showed up today and gave it their all despite the conditions @ River Ranch Disc Golf Course. Shaking off the numbness at the first tee was too much for most however, as the field posted some rather lackluster scores. Chris @ minus 9, a tie at minus 3 and a dog pile at plus one. It had to be the wind that picked up, just as the players were getting used to the cold, that hindered scores today. My favorite quote of the day came from Todd as he said to me, " If you don't hit an ace today, I'll be shocked ". After all was said and done, a shake-up at the top resulted with two players obtaining their new lowest tag. Nice work Todd and Steve. One thing everyone, including Deione, wants to know is can they back it up?
Next week, over in Longmont, they will get their chance. Don't be late!