3 Rivers Fall League 2009   November 29, 2009 at 5:37am

Epple project proves its validity.

Epple park no longer yields scores in excess of minus 10, after undergoing a massive overhaul with its pin positions. A good mix of long and short pins, coupled with more locations utilizing the park's tree cover, make the course much more challenging for even the most seasoned local players. Hole 5's long placement is now around 450 feet in length with trees down one side and ob down the other. Hole 1 is now a four headed beast as well, with one placement tucked in way down to the right. Hole 2 has the biggest improvements with all three new placements tucked in across the creek from the original, look out at tournament time! Generally, players will find themselves shooting out of the trees more often as they recover shots from the field.
After our first league event @ the revamped course, the reviews are in, and we like what we're hearing... Good shooting Todd, Brad, Ryan and Chris! River Ranch calls our name once again, who will finally put an end to the ace drought??