Ypsi Dubs Winter League   November 26, 2009 at 1:46am

Nov 22nd Ypsi Dubs Summary

All – sorry I have not had time to generate a nice summary with pictures but there is a Video online of our largest round to date for Ypsi Dubs Winter – 33 players (one Cali).


Thanks to the 24 Chains crew that could make it. They have a great league that roams from course to course – unfortunately on Sundays but hopefully we can meet up a few more times before the Winter is over. Gabe, Miah & Ray who run 24 Chains brought out several goodies. They added a great package to the Treasure chest for CTPs, Glow sticks for Bandemer Glow. I believe this may have been the origin of the “Jolt 45” but I’m not sure.

The Pre-Round CTP was more fun in my opinion since we had it close to registration – down the path along hole 1 – out around the corner to the practice basket and everyone hanging out around the reg. table got to watch, cheer and sneer. Robert Schaffer – bound to add to his collection, nail his shot but bounced out. Kira had the shot of the day and took the 24 Chains commemorative Ypsi Dubs Winter Arbor Brewery growler home with her and had the honor of sharing some Imperial IPA – “Larry Hoppy”, with a few friends.

Sheldon made it on time this week the tiles matched him up with Damon to create an unstoppable team, -14 and the “Out Right Winners” for some extra points.

Terry the Pirate went it alone as he won the Cali toss and had a very strong finish – Tied for second he still had more as he pulled out the drive to win the playoff for the cash.

Smitty the Angry lefty and Dave Munro were the other team tied for 2nd at -11 and latterly took the money and ran as the awards photographer was unable to get pictures for the IRS records – Thanks Greg for jumping in and getting most of the others.

Greg was unable to take the 4th place picture because he and Chris gee from OG took that honor and got slighted on the payout – My bad - $5 each waiting for you both.

Casey Cook and Eric Best grabbed last cash at 5th place.

This week we had the gYPSIcam in action – an extra camera that is passed between groups as we play to add to the coverage. I’m impressed with the images captured and that I have not had to censor any from my kids as I plan out the video of the week.

I appreciate the my group being willing to be test subjects in Time Lapse Composite which are fun to see. The video has all the images in motion and then the composite – It’s amazing what I learn by reviewing these – if I could only translate it all to improvement in my game…..

Well again it was great to see everyone this week – hope to see you at one of the many events going on over the holiday:

Wednesday: Glow at Bandemer (tonight) at 6:45
Friday: Ace Race at Hudson Mills - 10:30-11:30 registration.
Saturday: Indy Lake Doubles at Noon hosted by Local 101.
Saturday: Throw Your Arm Out 4 Gold!: The Throw Shop, (8-5)
Sunday: Turkey and Chains Open at Rolling Hills hosted by TADGA.

Reminder – No Ypsi Dubs this Sunday. We hope to see you at Turkey and Chains – I will probably be behind a tree someplace – you’ll hear the motor drive.

Our points for the league rounds that are part of the Ann Arbor Cooperative Points Series have been updated so you can see the current results. We are planning the final event at Indy lake – If you have ideas please let us hear them. http://discgolfer.ning.com/group/annarborcooperativepointseriesplayersforum/forum

When your stuffed and can’t eat another bite and manage to get off the coutch, walk over to the pantry and pull out two can of food and put a note to self “Bring to Ypsi Dubs and save a buck – your too stuff to eat it anyway”. Let’s rock the Food Drive – buck off entry – that should be a 50/50 donation between you and Ypsi Dubs, based on the average can good cost, and over the next few weeks you’ll save a few buck, have a blast, feel great, won’t have to carry a bunch of food anyplace – just two can a week.

Well enjoy your turkey and all the fix’ins, stay safe, throw often and we hope to see you at Ypsi Dubs Winter next Sunday Dec 6th – will it be double pints????