3 Rivers Fall League 2009   November 15, 2009 at 5:01am

Slushy Mess.

With slushy snow everywhere, the players found it hard to maintain footing today @ Edora Park. Before the round started, Brad slams home his first ace on hole #9 during warmups!! Forget the ace pot, having the monkey off his back is worth far more. Nice job, Bro. The action started with what looked like an errant throw from Chris, but landed safely where he then converted the par on #1. Mark's throws were low and left all day, just like Brad's putts. The cold weather never helps. Sam struggled to translate great practice rounds into great league scores, while Eli set his sights high and fell short as well. Ronnie shoots solid and moves up to #3 while Brad, Chris, Sam, Josh, and Mark's positions remain the same. Sam and Eli almost ace hole 17 moments apart as they came down the back stretch. The pool grows... UNC next week.