Leverich Summer League '09   July 11, 2009 at 9:44pm

Thanks, Spencer, John & Others

Sorry I couldn't make it last week, but I see that you left the Ace Pot alone so I can get that next week!

It appears we had a little snafu with the bag tags. Somehow about 7 of the tags got distributed incorrectly. It looks like it started with John (not his fault) being shown to take home tag #47. However, I don't show that anyone put tag #47 into the pool. That means that I think, John, Ryan, Jason, Joel, Nick, Steve and Brian all are off by a tag. We may be able to correct that next week. Until then, if you look at the bag tag challenge league I think you can see what you should have. John, can you let me know what tag to do have since that tag number is a mystery to me.

Next week Singles, $50 ace pot, more bounties!