Wednesday Weeklies - Summer   July 1, 2009 at 6:40am

Week 3 is here

It looks like we are rolling right into week 3 of the summer edition of Wednesday Weeklies!

Week 2 was very hot and very muggy but I'm certain that was the cause for some very hot shooting. Scores were very competitive across the board which is a good thing to see.

One of the brand new tee signs we just installed had some marking on it so I sprayed it and it came right off. However, sometime between Thursday, June 25th and Sunday, June 28th we had some vandalism to the signs. A good rule of thumb is that no one should ever be touching these tee signs for any reason what so ever. If you see someone doing anything to a tee sign ask them politely to stop.

These signs were not designed to have aces scribbled on them or any other markings for that matter. Let's keep these signs and this course looking good!

PS - We can all thank Cory Naber for NOT getting into the ace pool last week. He hit an ace on hole 17 which is good for a "1" on his scorecard but he couldn't collect the ace pool because he didn't throw a "1" into the ace pool before league started. Thanks again Cory!