eric wernet  › NEO Disc Golf Alliance Presents The Frozen Finger Fairway Charity Tour Event #5   March 14, 2011 at 2:42am

FYI - Firstly, thanks to the masses who showed up today, you are all rockstars! We made our goal, the NEO Alliance will be donating over $2000 to the Akron/Canton Regional Food Bank as a result of your dedication to the FFF point series!

As for the course today, I have been playing on that course since its inception and that is the WETTEST it has EVER been. Thank you all for gutting it out, not complaining and making it such a wonderful day! I would like to personally thank Eric and Katie for their dedication to the number crunching and commitment to making each and every event run so smoothly. To Team Jenkins for supplying the much needed kick off event and the tarps necessary to keep us reasonably comfortable. To GYO for taking care of ALL of the tee pads! To the dedicated EUCLID! throwers for putting out such a wonderful spread for lunch and for all the rest of the NEO community who throughout the series dedicated their time and efforts to making each tournament run so smoothly.

These events do not work without you guys and your commitment to being there! See you on the fairways this season and look for the Series to run again next Winter!